Driftwood for Sale South Africa

Coastal DRIFTWOOD FOR SALE South Africa. Buy driftwood for driftwood craft projects, driftwood wedding ideas or beach house decor ideas. Small pieces of driftwood for sale in South Africa.

driftwood blue sky white clouds

A gorgeous piece of driftwood against a blue sky and white wispy clouds. Or is it the head of a buck? Or the head of a dragon? Let your imagination take you to far off places or to a fantasy land with beautiful pieces of driftwood above you, below you, and all around you! Find an “eye” on a piece of driftwood and then “see” the face or head around it. Then, pick another “eye” on the same piece of driftwood, and “see” another head or face!

We sell small pieces of coastal driftwood in South Africa. Order driftwood online, from our site. Our driftwood pieces are roughly 5cm to 80cm in length – also see our driftwood pieces already sold.

Our driftwood is coastal driftwood and is collected at beaches in or close to East London in South Africa by ourselves, Terry and Tony.

South Africans, do you have driftwood craft ideas, driftwood wedding ideas or beach house decor ideas?

Use our driftwood pieces in your next project. Our driftwood prices are good, and we offer discounts depending on how much you spend.

Work with our pieces in your next arty or creative project,

or simply bring a bit of the beach and nature home by displaying beautiful pieces in your home, your office, your business reception area, your garden, in your beach house, in your coastal accommodation establishment, or in a room that has a beach house decor theme.

3 driftwood creatures

3 natural driftwood creatures

There really are some lovely special pieces – sometimes the pieces look like little driftwood creatures, fantasy characters, birds, mammals, or fish, or, upon closer inspection, seem to have a landscape or other natural scene painted on them or inked or burnt onto them.

natural landscape on tiny area of driftwood

Natural landscape on tiny area of driftwood.

There’s something special about driftwood. Where have the pieces of wood or branches come from? Where have they been on their way to the beach?

The pieces become smooth and weathered on their journey to the beach, and then while on the beach become further weathered by being knocked about by the waves, sand, wind and rain – much like sea glass. Some pieces are beautifully pale in colour after being naturally bleached in the sun.

Having some special pieces in your home or using the pieces in craft projects – or using some smaller pieces or slices of pieces in homemade jewellery items – brings a bit of the beach and nature home to you.

Why order driftwood from us rather than go collect it yourself?

collecting coastal driftwood pieces

collecting coastal driftwood pieces

You may not stay all that close to a beach or to a beach that has driftwood on it.

Save time spent driving to the beach and back.

Save on the cost of driving to the beach and back.

Save time spent on the beach collecting it – perhaps stumbling about on loose rocks, in lousy weather, looking for the exact pieces you need for your driftwood project.

Avoid getting your car full of sand or damp pieces of wood.

Avoid having to sort your pieces into different lengths after you get home from the beach.

Avoid having to do some cleaning and disinfecting because the pieces your order from us have gone through a light cleaning and disinfecting treatment process already. UPDATE: IMPORTANT NOTE: We no longer put our driftwood pieces through a light cleaning and disinfecting process, unless by special request at an extra charge, or for some pieces we use for special product orders or in some driftwood items we make. Please see our treatment process page for further information or to see how to clean and disinfect the driftwood pieces yourself.

ORDER our coastal driftwood pieces at your own risk. No refunds are given.
Also see our disclaimer and how to order pages.


Although the disinfecting (with bleach or chlorine) is only light – we recommend NOT using bleached pieces with your pets, like for example in a cage for small mammals, birds, reptiles or spiders to perch on or climb on. When ordering from us you can make a special request for us to put together some pieces that we don’t disinfect, and that we only wash with dish washing liquid or laundry detergent, and, after your driftwood pieces have arrived at you, you can boil them in water with salt added to the water, to disinfect them yourself. We do not do any boiling of our pieces.
DO NOT mix chlorine powder with hot water or warm water when or if disinfecting pieces of driftwood yourself. USE ONLY COLD WATER. The resulting fumes (from mixing chlorine with hot or warm water) may close up your chest, and you may struggle to breathe! We learned this by mistake. It was a horrible, FRIGHTENING, and potentially very dangerous incident. DO NOT mix hot or warm water with chlorine.

Take precautions! when working with driftwood, bleach and chlorine
– see our WARNINGS page for two precaution tips in addition to the pets and plants warning and chlorine warning.

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