Special Pieces of Driftwood for Sale

Our Special Pieces of Driftwood for Sale consist of lovely pieces of driftwood that we consider a little bit more special
than our general driftwood pieces. When there is only one ruler in the driftwood photos below it is a 30cm ruler. When both rulers are in the driftwood photos, the rulers are 30cm and 60cm rulers. Spend R200 or more in total on pieces of driftwood, for a single order, to qualify for discounts.
EXAMPLES ONLY. THESE DRIFTWOOD PIECES ARE ALREADY SOLD. See our current driftwood lots for sale.
4 photos are shown PER LOT, to show other sides or a closer view of the pieces of driftwood

29072014 spcl 003 black and white driftwood pieces

Lot number: 29072014 spcl 003 – price: R65 – Description: black and white driftwood pieces – well, almost – it’s more of a cream or yellow-ish colour than white for the white of these 5 black and white driftwood pieces. You may want to bleach them more after you get them to get them more white, but you may fade some of the black then too, which you may not want to do. The one driftwood piece has little interesting squiggle lines on it, as shown in the bottom left hand photo. It is the first top piece in the first photo. These 5 pieces are all roughly between 20 and 30cm long.

29072014 spcl 001 12to14cm driftwood pieces

Lot number: 29072014 spcl 001 – price: R81 – Description: These 9 pieces of driftwood are all of between 12 and 14cm each, making them suitable for a craft project requiring pieces of very similar length – or, of course, use the driftwood pieces in any way you wish to.

29072014 spcl 002 nine small driftwood pieces

Lot number: 29072014 spcl 002 – price: R81 – Description: 9 fairly straight pieces of driftwood, all of similar length (all 12 to 14cm in length each) and all of fairly similar thickness.

17072014 spcl 001 special pieces of driftwood for sale

Lot number: 17072014 spcl 001 – price: R120 – Description: Top left (of the rulers) is a cute toothy creature. On the right of him is a driftwood piece that looks like it has a paw on one end. Bottom left is a sort of bird beak, eye and neck – look at that goofy smile! Bottom right is a lovely dark piece of driftwood that looks like some odd reptile.

17072014 spcl 002 - special pieces of driftwood for sale

Lot number: 17072014 spcl 002 – price: R100 – Description: Top left (of the rulers) and bottom right we have two interesting driftwood pieces. Top right of the rulers we have a spotty or holey plank. Bottom left is the most interesting piece of the four, that looks either like a jet plane on the one end, or like a smiling shark on the other end.

17072014 spcl 003 - four special pieces of driftwood

Lot number: 17072014 spcl 003 – price: R80 – Description: Bottom right (of the rulers) is a branched driftwood piece that looks like it has a peeled banana on one end, or, looking at the photo bottom left of the 4 photos, it looks like a curious little creature. The 3 pieces of driftwood above the ruler are knobby and may look good in driftwood floral arrangements, or, looking a little closer (bottom right photo of the 4 photos), they could be little forest creatures of some sort (look for the eye and then see the face around the eye).

16072014 spcl 004 fairly heavy small pieces of driftwood

Lot number: 16072014 spcl 004 – price: R130 – Description: Four fairly weighty driftwood pieces. The top right (of the rulers) driftwood piece is the heaviest, and is a bit burnt on one end. The one driftwood piece (see bottom left photo of the 4 photos) looks like it has a tortoise or turtle head on the right hand side end, and a long flattish head on the left hand side end.

16072014 spcl 005 top right driftwood piece looks and feels like a bone

Lot number: 16072014 spcl 005 – price: R100 – Description: 4 driftwood pieces. The piece top right of the rulers looks a bit like a bone, and is fairly light in weight. It feels so nice and smooth when running one’s hands along it. The driftwood piece bottom left of the ruler has two rusty nails protruding from it, but this seems to add character to the piece. The right hand side of that driftwood piece looks a bit like the head of a toothless shark.

16072014 spcl 006 driftwood that looks like animals and reptiles

Lot number: 16072014 spcl 006 – price: R120 – Description: In the first photo, the driftwood piece top left of the rulers looks a bit like a bird on a stick. Look at the bottom right photo – Can you see the elephant eye and trunk? The right hand side of that same piece looks like a chameleon head with a goofy smile. And on the lower right of that elephant trunk, a snake is slithering closer.

16072014 spcl 007 skinny and long driftwood creatures

Lot number: 16072014 spcl 007 – price: R75 – Description: 3 driftwood pieces. That single driftwood piece above the rulers feels incredibly smooth. It feels great to run one’s hand along that smooth and curvy surface. Part of the bottom right driftwood piece looks like a fish and fish fin, or flip it over and it looks like a creature’s head from the side, with streamlined ears (as visible in the second photo top right).

16072014 spcl 008 driftwood planks

Lot number: 16072014 spcl 008 – price: R75 – Description: 5 sort of “plank” driftwood pieces. The driftwood piece top right of the rulers has some great texture, as visible in the close up view in the bottom left photo. The two pieces above and below the rulers, on the left hand side of the two top photos, feel nice and smooth.