How to Order Driftwood from us in South Africa

How to Order Driftwood from us in South Africa – Ordering Process

Learning how to order driftwood from us in South Africa is easy. You can just visit the contact page and fill in the fields of the contact form, submit the contact form, and email communications between us will begin.

We will explain the whole 7-step ordering process here, though, too:

Make your special request, or ask us questions via the contact form on our contact page – or order driftwood by jotting down the lot numbers of the driftwood pieces or of the special driftwood pieces that you are interested in ordering, then fill in the contact form on our contact page, mentioning those lot numbers in the field for it, and submit the contact form.

Wait for an email from us thanking you for contacting us or for placing your order, or we’ll answer any questions you asked when you filled in the contact form.

Once you’ve confirmed that you want to go ahead with your order (it may be only after we’ve emailed you photos for a special request order) we will ask for your postal address (if using the ***South African post office) or just for your cellphone number (if using Postnet to Postnet) and which Postnet near you the parcel should go to.
***note that many of our customers are opting for Postnet to Postnet instead of the South African postal service, as Postnet to Postnet may be currently more reliable, even though more expensive. (Remember that you order at your own risk – see our disclaimer too!)

We’ll also email you the total amount to be paid, and our banking details.

You’ll pay (by Electronic Funds Transfer or by ***bank cash deposit) and send us confirmation of your payment.
*** note that we add an extra 5% to the grand total amount if you will be paying by cash deposit, to help cover our bank’s charges for that cash deposit transaction.

We’ll put your parcel together, and go to the post office or to Postnet.

Upon our return from the post office or from Postnet, we’ll email you the tracking number.

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