How to Order Driftwood from us in South Africa

How to Order Driftwood from us in South Africa – Ordering Process

Learning how to order driftwood from us in South Africa is easy. You can just visit the contact page and fill in the fields of the contact form, submit the contact form, and email communications between us will begin.

We will explain the whole 7-step ordering process here, though, too:

Make your special request, or place an order, or ask us questions, via the contact form on our contact page

Wait for an email from us thanking you for contacting us or for placing your order, or that will answer any questions that you asked when you filled in the contact form. CHECK YOUR SPAM INBOX TOO FOR 1 TO 4 DAYS AFTER CONTACTING US – sometimes emails may land up in one’s spam inbox when prices etc are mentioned!

Email communications between us continue. Particularly in the case of ordering “special” pieces, we may email you some photos from which you can make your selection – choosing the pieces you want.

We email you the total amount to be paid, and you let us know that you are now happy to be emailed the invoice.

We email you the invoice with our banking details, and you pay. If you don’t bank at the same bank that we do, you’ll need to email us Proof of Payment asap. Prompt payment secures the driftwood pieces in question for just you – we cannot hold onto any particular driftwood pieces for long for somebody who has not yet paid because driftwood pieces are mostly unique and somebody else may be interested in those same pieces.

We’ll put your parcel together, and go to a Postnet branch in our town (East London in South Africa) on the first next Friday (or sooner if you have paid an extra R60 for us to post on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Note: if you pay for your order only late on a Wednesday, or on a Thursday, it may be too late for us to prepare the parcel in time for posting off on the first next Friday. (You might have to wait for the next Friday, or pay an extra R60 for us to post on the next week’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Just communicate with us! – and check with us how soon we can get your parcel off to you (we may sometimes still be able to manage it on the first next Friday if you order late on a Wednesday or Thursday).

The evening or the next day after posting we email you a tracking number for your parcel.

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