Disclaimer and Terms of Use for driftwoodforsale.co.za

Be sure to read everything on this disclaimer and terms of use page!

About ordering driftwood from us and about using our driftwood pieces:

You order driftwood pieces from us at your own risk. We offer no refunds. You use our driftwood pieces at your own risk.

We send you the driftwood pieces you have ordered and paid for via Postnet to Postnet. You order driftwood pieces and have us send the driftwood pieces to you at your own risk. We send you a tracking number. We attempt to package carefully, but driftwood parcels are sent to you at your own risk. We give no refunds.

We make no guarantees that the driftwood pieces won’t harm your plants or animals. We are upfront in telling you we lightly disinfect the driftwood pieces in a water and bleach or chlorine solution. You can make a special request for pieces that we don’t disinfect in bleach or chlorine and that we only wash the pieces with water and dish washing liquid or with water and laundry detergent. You can even request that we don’t even do that washing, and that we only brush off the pieces with a brush and rinse them off with tap water, and then you can do any further cleaning or disinfecting yourself.

Some driftwood pieces have nails in them. We usually inform you if there are nails in the driftwood pieces (that you may not be able to see in the photos), but whether we do or not, you order at your own risk.

Also see our special requests page, our WARNINGS page, and our how to order page.

Our driftwood prices are subject to change.

We may have to sometimes tell you that a specific lot of driftwood you see on our site is already sold. We may have made a recent sale, and may just not yet have removed its photo from the driftwood for sale section or edited the photo or text to mark it as sold or used ourselves.

Should we email you photos of driftwood because we’ve helped you with a special request and we do not hear back from you within 3 days, we reserve the right to offer those same driftwood pieces to somebody else, or reserve the right to put the photos on our site, in our for sale section – remember to check your spam emails inbox for one to four days after contacting us – our email reply might end up there due to the mention of prices.

Should you ask us to hold off on selling any specific driftwood lot or lots that you see on our site (or in photos we email you) because you want to or can only pay us in two or three days time, we can wait only that long before allowing somebody else to purchase the driftwood pieces.

Discounts (for spending more than a certain amount for a single order) apply only to the pieces, and not also to our packaging and posting prices or to our driftwood items (driftwood craft items or driftwood products other than driftwood pieces).

We add 5% to the total if you will be paying us for your order via cash deposit, to help towards covering our bank charges for that transaction.

driftwoodforsale.co.za Disclaimer:
We are not professionals on any topic. We are also not experts on different types of wood or trees. We are simply two South Africans in South Africa writing about any topics on this site, or on topics that relate to driftwood. The information is for general purposes only, may not be up to date, and is not to be relied on. Use any information on this site at your own risk. Visit any pages that this site links to, at your own risk.

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