Our Driftwood Sizes

Our driftwood sizes are based on their longest side.
The driftwood sizes of our pieces range from roughly 5cm in length to roughly 80cm in length.

Our driftwood sizes categories:
5cm to 10cm
10cm to 20cm
20cm to 30cm
30cm to 45cm
45cm to 60cm
60cm to 80cm
See prices on our prices and discounts page.

Our driftwood sizes are estimated only, or are considered rough driftwood sizes. You may sometimes find an 11cm driftwood piece in the 5cm to 10cm section; you may sometimes find a 62cm driftwood piece in the 45cm to 60cm section; you may find no pieces over 70cm in the 60cm to 80cm section.

We use a 30cm ruler to show the driftwood sizes in our photos, as well as a 60cm ruler, and sometimes we use both rulers in the same photo.

Please look at the driftwood pieces in the photos carefully, and at the ruler in the photos carefully, when deciding which lots of driftwood you’d like to order. We offer no refunds. You order at your own risk.

We base our prices for driftwood sizes on which specific length category they’re in, or base our prices on how special we feel the pieces are.

Our driftwood pieces are generally mostly long, rather than almost as wide or as thick as they are long.

Some driftwood pieces are heavier than others, even if they are the same size. We do not split our pieces into different categories based on weight. We split our pieces up based only on longest side, or on how special we feel some pieces are.

Sometimes we have pieces in our special driftwood pieces for sale section that aren’t necessarily what we would consider special other than that they may be of very similar length (perhaps all 13cm to 15cm rather than just 10cm to 20cm).

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