Special Requests and Choices

special requests

special requests

When you order driftwood from us, your special requests may not include that we change out any of the pieces in the photos of the lots of driftwood pieces we display on our site, or that we please find driftwood pieces that are longer in length than 80cm, or that we treat or finish your driftwood pieces with varnish, wood oil, or wood stain,

BUT you may make other special requests when you contact us:

*** There is an extra charge for some special requests – see the prices further below.
*** Make your special requests well in advance of when you might need the pieces of driftwood.

5 Examples of special requests you might want to make:

Special request:
You don’t have as much to choose from on your site as I thought you’d have; there are not many choices. Do you have more pieces?

The sort of reply we might give:

We do usually have at least a little more in stock, that we have not yet managed to sort, put through their treatment and drying process, or photograph and load the photos to the site.

Apologies that there are just two of us doing all the work related to our driftwood collecting, sorting, measuring, washing, disinfecting, rinsing, packing out to dry, photographing, labeling and “filing”. If you’re not in too much of a hurry then we can get through some more work and we can email you the photos to look at before we add the photos to our site. We’d give you about 3 days to decide if you want any of the pieces before we offer them to somebody else or before we add the photos to the site.

Special request:
Can you collect some pieces of driftwood and NOT disinfect them with bleach or chlorine as I want to use the pieces with my plants and pets and want to protect my plants and pets from any harm the bleach or chlorine may cause them?

The sort of reply we might give:

Yes – there is no extra charge for this, but no discount applies either.

Because no disinfecting will have taken place (the pieces will only have been washed with cold water and a bit of dish washing liquid or laundry detergent – but you can even request that we don’t even do that and that all we do is brush them off and rinse them, and let them dry in the sun) and you want to do some disinfecting yourself to help get rid of any tiny living organisms in the pieces of driftwood, we recommend that after your driftwood pieces have arrived at you, that you boil your pieces in water, and perhaps even add a bit of salt to the water.

We may not have pieces in stock that have NOT gone through our light disinfecting process and you may have to be patient while we collect more pieces at the beach, specifically for your order – pieces that we still put through a treatment process, but that we don’t disinfect.

Special request:
I want small pieces of driftwood in your 10 to 20cm pieces section (or from another small driftwood pieces section), but I want them ALL to be fairly straight, and want them ALL to be 15cm in length each.

The sort of reply we might give:

There is an extra charge if we work with a special requests like this – see further below.

We do not break the pieces of driftwood we find. We sell them in their natural state, the state they were in when we found them on the beach, BUT we can spend some more time sorting through our finds and measuring the pieces to find pieces that are very close to the length that you want them – we cannot guarantee pieces all of 15cm each or that they will all be perfectly straight (as per this request example) but will do our best to provide you with pieces of 14 to 16cm in length, and that are all at least almost straight.

Sometimes you may find driftwood pieces of similar length on our special driftwood for sale page.

You may also have to be patient while we collect more pieces at the beach, specifically for your order, and depending on exactly what your special request was, we also may not even find any or enough of the pieces you want.

Special request:
I want driftwood pieces of roughly a certain length (but less than 80cm) but more important is that each of the pieces have two branches on them, or have a crack running all the way down one side of them, or have patterns on them, or still have bark on them, or are almost as wide as they are long, or have at least one twist in them, or have one end looking like the face of a fish.

The sort of reply we might give:

Our reply for this one would be much like the reply for special request example 3. but if we consider (at our own discretion) the pieces more special than our general pieces, we will charge extra for special requests like this.

Special request:
I want my pieces of driftwood to be quite pale in colour – almost white if possible – can you bleach them more than usual to get them quite pale before you send them to me?

The sort of reply we might give:

Yes, but there will be an extra charge for this – see prices further below.

Note: We cannot guarantee how pale the driftwood pieces will become, and we do only one extra session of bleaching (two instead of the usual one). Leaving them out in the sun for a few more days after they get to you can help make them even paler, or you can give them a further bleaching yourself (and leave them out in the sun for quite a few days).

Special Requests Pricing Guide

See our usual driftwood prices and then add:

for the 5cm to 10cm driftwood pieces
R0.50 more for each driftwood piece for extra bleaching — R1 more each for specific sorting, finding or measuring

10cm to 20cm driftwood pieces
20cm to 30cm driftwood pieces
R1 more each for extra bleaching — R1 more each for specific sorting, finding or measuring

30cm to 45cm pieces
R1.50 more each for extra bleaching — R1 more each for specific sorting, finding or measuring

45cm to 60cm pieces
60cm to 80cm pieces
R2 more each for extra bleaching — R1 more each for specific sorting, finding or measuring

Remember that we may already have what you’re looking for in our special driftwood pieces for sale section.

Also see the following pages: driftwood sizes and how to order and disclaimer and warnings.

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