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Woodcraft with Driftwood – Tools for Working With Driftwood

You’ll need some tools for woodcraft with driftwood. Working with driftwood is very different to working with wood bought from a store because driftwood has usually not Continue reading

Driftwood Uses or Driftwood Users?

We’ve already listed driftwood uses (a list of driftwood craft ideas) so for fun we’ll now list some driftwood userspeople who might use the pieces. Continue reading

How To Treat Driftwood – Cleaning, Treatment and Finishing Driftwood

We’ve split the process of how to treat driftwood into cleaning, treatment and finishing driftwood pieces: Continue reading

How To Bleach Driftwood to Create Pale or White Driftwood

How to bleach driftwood to create pale or white driftwood? Bleaching driftwood is the process of chemically altering the surface of the driftwood pieces, to Continue reading