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Driftwood Orders – Dream Come True or Nightmare?

Why and how we’ve changed the way we manage driftwood orders.
We’ve also changed the way we sell our driftwood pieces.

driftwood orders

Driftwood Orders. The old way we used to manage our driftwood orders was to email customers photos that showed the driftwood pieces with letters of the alphabet next to them. In the email we’d list the different prices for the different pieces. Customers could choose just some of the driftwood pieces in a photo. For some driftwood orders we would email several different lots of driftwood photos. The ruler in this photo is 60cm long.

We started taking driftwood orders several years ago, and it was a dream come true. How lovely it was to collect driftwood pieces on the beaches in or near East London in South Africa, and get driftwood orders – for Continue reading

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