Driftwood Christmas Trees South Africa – Prices – Photos – Info

View driftwood Christmas trees PRICES, PHOTOS, and INFORMATION below. We make and sell small driftwood Christmas trees in South Africa, using driftwood pieces we have found ourselves, on South African beaches in or near East London.

table top driftwood Christmas trees South Africa

Table top driftwood Christmas trees South Africa – just one small driftwood Christmas tree in the photos above – position the “branches” of your tree alongside each other or at any angle that you like! The tree stands about 55cm high.

This page describes our chunky table top driftwood Christmas trees. Our driftwood Christmas trees come in one size only – a medium sized driftwood Christmas tree. We also sell small hanging driftwood Christmas trees, in 3 sizes.

What do we mean by CHUNKY driftwood Christmas tree?

bottom and top of small driftwood Christmas tree

example of bottom and top of a small chunky driftwood Christmas tree

We use a driftwood piece for the stem of our chunky driftwood Christmas trees, rather than thick wire or an iron rod, for something a bit different, and for something more natural than wire or an iron rod. Using a driftwood piece that is strong enough for creating the stem for the driftwood Christmas trees means that it can’t be too skinny. This in turn means that the holes drilled into the branches of the driftwood Christmas tree need to be big enough for the “stem” to slide through – thus, thicker – or chunkier – “branches” are required, rather than skinnier ones.

Chunky Table Top Driftwood Christmas Tree – Price and Information

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The longest driftwood piece across the bottom (the lowest “branch”) is roughly 37cm long.
From the bottom of the pine block base to the top of the “stem” your tree stands roughly 55cm high.
The pine block base for the tree is roughly 9cm x 9cm x 13cm.
The hole in the middle of the pine block is roughly 22mm wide and 7.5cm deep.
The top of the stem sticks out about 5 to 8cm, giving you a space at the top for a Christmas tree ornament or decoration.

1 x Table Top Driftwood Christmas Tree – R230
2 x Table Top Driftwood Christmas Trees – R220 each
3 to 9 Table Top Driftwood Christmas Trees – R200 each
10 or more Table Top Driftwood Christmas Trees – R175 each

The amount of driftwood pieces used to form the branches of each of our driftwood Christmas trees varies depending on their thickness, but it is usually about 10 to 12 driftwood pieces. Each tree we make is unique because of all the different driftwood pieces we find at the beach.
The branches (the driftwood pieces) are removable, slide them on or off the “stem” driftwood piece – when moving the tree, grab and lift the pine block base, don’t lift from the top tip of the tree!

Christmas tree made from driftwood pieces

Christmas tree made from driftwood pieces

Postage and packaging
The tree is packaged for postage all ready, looking like a “flat” Christmas tree (the “branches” all aligned – you can adjust them at any angle you want yourself).
We only know the postage and packaging price once we know what your order is, but for just one tree the postage will likely be at least R139 via Postnet to Postnet, and packaging will be at least R40.

About the roughly 9cm x 9cm x 13cm pine block base
The pine block base is rough, but has been lightly sanded. These pine blocks are the blocks found beneath wooden pallets.
When not using your Christmas tree, the pine block base makes a nice decor item.

pine blocks decor idea

pine blocks decor idea – rough pine blocks removed from wooden pallets – insert a candle, twigs, feathers, dry grasses, flowers or a driftwood stick and use as a toilet roll holder – FOR YOUR INTEREST, WE SELL THESE PINE BLOCKS TOO – LIGHTLY SANDED WITH A ROUGHLY 22MM WIDE X 7CM TO 7.5CM DEEP HOLE DRILLED INTO THEM = R20 FOR 1, OR R15 EACH IF FOR 10 OR MORE

Use your imagination and get creative with what you decide to put into the 22m wide x 7cm deep hole in the pine block – a candle (since the width of the hole is standard candle width), feathers, a pen and pencil, or two pens, a single driftwood stick and place your bathroom’s toilet paper rolls over it (a toilet roll holder!), dry grasses, a few sticks, a few small and skinny driftwood sticks – plain or painted, put some soil into the hole and plant a tiny plant, or insert a tiny plastic or glass jar and fill with water and use your pine block to display a small bunch of flowers. Use your imagination!

Ideas for Displaying or Decorating our Driftwood Christmas Trees

Leave your tree plain, or paint it
Leave the pine block base plain, or paint it
Leave the pine block base plain, or decorate it with lace or ribbon

Set the branches at diagonals to each other, or leave all aligned.

Slide the “branches” off the driftwood tree stem, and then back on again, alternating with something you’d like to slide onto the stem between each driftwood piece – even use less of the driftwood pieces if you want to slide something quite big between each horizontal driftwood piece

Keep the driftwood stem of the tree as a spare, and use something else for the stem of your driftwood Christmas tree (roughly the same thickness as a standard candle).

base and stem of driftwood tree

base and stem of driftwood tree

Use these table top driftwood Christmas trees as table decor at a November or December casual or office Christmas party, or at a beach themed December wedding.

Use in rustic or beach themed accommodation establishment rooms in December.

Use to decorate your appropriately-themed store in December.

Buy in bulk (3 or more) and sell in your own store, individually, for more – or sell at a craft market.

General Tip: Do not leave ordering of anything related to Christmas until the last minute!

Note: We work on a first-paid-first-served basis.


You might also consider simply ordering several driftwood pieces of different lengths and making your own table top driftwood Christmas trees or making hanging driftwood Christmas trees with them – or use for other driftwood Christmas decor or craft project ideas, or for beach theme ideas. Order 5 to 10cm driftwood pieces, 10 to 20cm pieces, 20 to 30cm pieces, 30 to 45cm pieces, 45 to 60cm pieces and 60 to 80cm pieces.
See our driftwood pieces discounts and prices page.

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