Driftwood Face – Can You See a Driftwood Face?

There are artists who can create a driftwood face – an amazing face out of a piece of driftwood – a driftwood face that is life-sized and can be that of a human, an animal, or a mythical creature. The driftwood face could just be some imagined face too.

driftwood alien or elf

What do we have here? A little driftwood alien or elf? He looks a little startled – or maybe that’s just him trying to look scary? Maybe he’s just a shy little alien or elf. It seems like he doesn’t have much confidence and that he may have his hands clasped behind his back. What happens if somebody pushes the button on his forehead?

For those of us who are not artists, but who do enjoy looking for art in nature, we can use our imaginations when looking at an ordinary piece of driftwood, and we can still see a driftwood face in it, even though the face had not been carved into the driftwood. It’s just there.

driftwood face shape big hair do

driftwood face shape big hair do – or maybe that hair is all swept up like that because he is diving through the air? Is that a cliff on the right? Maybe this diver is diving from a high cliff into the ocean. He should tuck his head in instead of looking down at the water like that. He may enter the water funny and hurt himself. Even his moustache seems to be blowing crooked a bit. I wonder what happened to his one eye? Maybe somebody knocked him off the cliff!

We may even be able to see a face in a small piece of driftwood, or on just one part of a larger piece. Also, if we turn the piece over, or hold it at a different angle, we may be able to see a different face completely.

driftwood face worried creature

driftwood face worried creature – okay forget about the previous driftwood photo now (it’s the same piece of driftwood; don’t turn your head sideways to try keep seeing that previous face – this is a new face!) Do you see the deep-set eye right at the top in the middle? This is the side-view of a very worried looking creature. Oh, I get it! See his outstretched arms? He tripped and knocked his friend flying off the cliff by mistake! (the guy in the previous photo falling through the air) This worried creature not only knocked his friend off the cliff by mistake, but also badly scratched his friend’s eye when he bumped into him. No wonder he’s worried – if his friend survives the fall, this creature will be in big trouble when his friend finds him!

A tip to help the imagination: look for something that could be an eye, and then “see” a face around that eye. Look for another eye and see a completely different face around it. Turn the piece of driftwood this way and that, looking for another eye – and once you’ve found that eye, see yet another face, all in the same piece of driftwood, perhaps even in exactly the same area of that piece of driftwood.

driftwood cute sad animal

driftwood cute sad animal – this is the same piece of driftwood as in the previous two photos, just turned over – look at this lovely furry sea creature – he looks a bit like a dog or wolf or something. He has gorgeous eyebrows – you can just see part of the second one on the other side of his face. Pity he only has one ear because he’s otherwise quite a beautiful animal – look at that lovely long flowing fur on his one front leg as he swims through the water. I wonder why he’s sad? Perhaps he wanted to catch the big creature falling from the cliff instead of the small fish in his mouth. So many things seem to have gone wrong on that cliff and in the water below – I think somebody must have pressed the button on the alien-elf’s forehead.

It’s fun looking for a driftwood face or two – or more – in every driftwood piece you find or look at.

© Copyright Teresa Schultz 2014