Driftwood FOR SALE – 15 January 2019 – Lot 150119C

Driftwood for sale – DRIFTWOOD LOT NUMBER 150119C – R165.
Postage and handling & packaging is extra.
Discounts apply if spending at least R200 for one order. One order may consist of several lots. No discounts on postage and handling & packaging. Be sure to go through our How to Order page, especially regards the 24 hour deadlines.

driftwood lot 150119C

driftwood lot 150119C – R165

6 Driftwood pieces for sale for R165. Take note of the 60cm ruler in the photos to get an idea of the length of each piece. These 6 mostly “L” shaped driftwood pieces are all fairly hard and strong, except perhaps for the piece bottom left of the ruler. That piece is a little weaker than the rest, but perhaps perfect for use in a floral arrangement (tilt your head to your right).

The ruler in the photos is 60cm long and 2.5cm wide.
Several photos are shown here of just this ONE driftwood lot 150119C.

driftwood lot 150119C - rough bottom

driftwood lot 150119C – rough bottom – the piece bottom right of this photo is the same piece bottom left of the first photo – if using this piece in a floral arrangement then the bottom of this piece would likely be this rough bottom as shown in this photo – which is fine for a floral arrangement as you can just hide that rough bottom in a vase or cover it with plants, flowers or other decor items. Of course you may have something totally different to floral arrangements in mind for this piece – it’s up to you what you do with it!

driftwood lot 150119C - vertical

driftwood lot 150119C – vertical – this vertical angle photo may help you decide what you might need these 6 driftwood pieces for – when it comes to driftwood decor or craft projects and you look at driftwood pieces, always imagine driftwood pieces vertically, horizontally, flipped over, turned around, or however you want.

driftwood lot 150119C - chatting

driftwood lot 150119C – chatting – these two driftwood pieces look like snails or slugs or mythical forest creatures chatting away merrily with each other – then again, maybe they are arguing – the one on the right looks a little angry

driftwood lot 150119C - cute animal

driftwood lot 150119C – cute animal

driftwood lot 150119C - flipped over

driftwood lot 150119C – flipped over – we sometimes flip the pieces over, or photograph from the other side or from one side, or turn the pieces around, to help make it easier for you to imagine how our driftwood pieces might fit in with your project ideas

driftwood lot 150119C - curved

driftwood lot 150119C – curved – we also sometimes try to show you that some of our driftwood pieces are not flat – it is difficult to see this when the pieces are photographed from only the top, and more so if it an overcast day and there are no shadows beneath the pieces

driftwood lot 150119C - bird beak

driftwood lot 150119C – bird beak – this is the same piece that looked like one of two slugs in an earlier photo – from a different angle it now looks like a bird – well, at least the long neck, head, and beak of a bird

driftwood lot 150119C - with bark

driftwood lot 150119C – with bark – if pieces have bark on here and there, and is not very loose and crumbling off, we leave that bark on – we feel the bark here and there adds character – you can remove the bark yourself if you feel your project needs pieces with no bark

The L shape of these 6 driftwood pieces makes them pieces that could be used in a wide variety of clever driftwood craft or decor projects.

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