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View driftwood fish PRICES, PHOTOS, and INFORMATION below. Order our driftwood fish kits in South Africa and make your own driftwood fish art for your beach house wall, beach themed room wall, or office wall, or put your driftwood fish up on any wall you like! Even lay the fish flat on a table as a driftwood table runner.
Build your own driftwood fish in South Africa – we supply the driftwood pieces for your fish.

buy driftwood fish kits in South Africa

Buy driftwood fish kits in South Africa right here at our driftwoodforsale.co.za site. The driftwood fish in the photo on the left is a medium sized driftwood fish of roughly 50cm in length and 30cm in height, and is swimming towards the left. The fish on the right is an extra large fish and is roughly 130cm in length and 60cm in height (a 60cm ruler is in the photo too), and is swimming towards the right – you need to tell us your preferences before we prepare your driftwood fish kit – do you want your fish swimming towards the left or towards the right?

What do we mean by driftwood fish KIT?

Your driftwood fish kit consists of just pieces of driftwood for you to place vertically alongside each other onto any backing of your choosing. To be clear, we provide only the driftwood pieces that you will use to make your driftwood fish, but these pieces of driftwood have been sorted and measured so that they will form a fish once you have placed the pieces vertically alongside each other. Besides being able to then get creative with choosing your own backing for your fish, supplying the fish in kit form makes it a smaller and thus cheaper parcel to post. We will email you a photo of what your unique fish will look like once you have placed the driftwood pieces alongside each other. You can refer to that photo when positioning your pieces, or you can even change the position of the pieces around a little for your own unique driftwood fish art.

driftwood fish tail area

driftwood fish tail area consisting of 3 driftwood pieces – and the photo on the right is a small driftwood fish roughly 40cm in length and 20cm in height.

Driftwood Fish Kits – Prices

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XL Driftwood Fish Kit – R450

Driftwood pieces
(anything between 25 and 40 pieces depending on their thickness)
to create a driftwood fish of roughly 60cm x 130cm
2 x XL fish for R430 each
3 or more XL fish for R400 each

M Driftwood Fish Kit – R140

Driftwood pieces
(anything between 13 and 21 pieces depending on their thickness)
to create a driftwood fish of roughly 30cm x 50cm
2 x M fish for R130 each
3 or more M fish for R110 each

S Driftwood Fish Kit – R120

Driftwood pieces
(anything between 12 and 25 pieces depending on their thickness)
to create a driftwood fish of roughly 20cm x 40cm
2 x S fish for R110 each
3 or more S fish for R100 each

Measurements and prices coming soon for L and SS too!

Postage and packaging will be at least R99 for posting from Postnet in East London to a Postnet near you in South Africa, and packaging will be at least R30. The exact postage and packaging prices are only worked out once we know what your order is so we can work out weight and measurements.

Driftwood Fish Backing Ideas

What backing to use for your driftwood fish? Of course you can nail, screw, hang, or glue the separate driftwood pieces directly onto an internal wall, door, cupboard door, outside wall or wooden fence if you like, and maybe place a wooden frame or other frame around your fish (or no frame at all), but you may also like to first put your fish onto a backing of some sort, and then position that backing on your internal wall, door, cupboard door, outside wall or wooden fence. If placing your driftwood fish outdoors, we recommend you protect it from the elements by using a wood oil or varnish on the pieces.

– Rough or rustic material – two or more layers of hessian, perhaps, as one example – even tie the individual driftwood pieces on, with sisal perhaps, or something rustic or beachy (maybe fishing nylon) tying behind the material, creating horizontal “stripes” for your fish
– overlapping layers of tree bark
– driftwood “planks” placed directly alongside each other to form a rectangle
– wood offcuts placed together to form a rectangle
– a single rustic piece of wood, left plain, or painted

Or how about NO backing at all for your driftwood fish? – a free-standing driftwood fish!

For a free-standing driftwood fish you would lay down your pieces according to the photo we email you, or as you please, to form your fish, then decide which of the larger pieces should get a hole drilled into it into the middle of the underside of the bottom of it. This piece can then have an iron rod or something similar inserted into the bottom of it, and the other end of the iron rod goes into a base of some sort – a wooden block, for example.

That same driftwood piece also needs a hole through its middle, about half way up its length. An iron rod goes through that hole horizontally (at right angles to the driftwood piece). All the other driftwood pieces also need a hole drilled through their middle, and you thread them onto the iron rod or something similar (depending on the size of the fish, a strong wooden dowel may do the trick, or even a strong piece of driftwood that isn’t too thick to fit through the holes in the driftwood pieces, or a fairly thick and sturdy piece of galvanized wire).


You might also consider simply ordering several driftwood pieces of different lengths and doing whatever fishy or crafty thing you like with them. We sell 5 to 10cm pieces, 10 to 20cm pieces, 20 to 30cm pieces, 30 to 45cm pieces, 45 to 60cm pieces and 60 to 80cm pieces.
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