75 Driftwood Craft Ideas – List of Driftwood Ideas

A list of 75 driftwood craft ideas – for driftwood craft project ideas or driftwood decor ideas. 75 Driftwood ideas or uses!

Whether you’re looking for driftwood craft ideas, driftwood decor ideas, or driftwood art ideas, this list of 75 driftwood uses should help get you thinking!

driftwood craft ideas

driftwood craft ideas

You can also make up your own lists of driftwood craft ideas by imagining more about each idea in an existing list – you can imagine a larger version of the same item, or a miniature version of the same item.

Or you can imagine a slightly altered version of the same item. With a bit of creative thinking and imagination, many driftwood craft ideas should give you plenty more ideas.

For example if the driftwood craft idea is to make chandeliers from driftwood, you can start thinking about driftwood chandeliers made differently. Driftwood chandeliers do not just have to consist of small same-length pieces threaded onto wire, nylon or other thread that you’ll use for the lines of your driftwood chandeliers.

There are so many different types of pieces of driftwood to use for your driftwood craft ideas!

There are so many different types of pieces of driftwood to use for your driftwood craft ideas!

You could also use different lengths of small pieces, threaded onto the lines horizontally. You could also add other items to the lines, such as sea shells, pebbles, sea glass, or beads.

using driftwood and hessian

using driftwood and hessian

You could also use considerably longer pieces, either of similar length, or not of similar length at all, and each piece IS your line, or forms your line (only one driftwood piece hangs down, per chandelier “line” instead of having many small pieces per chandelier line). You could also have material (like hessian, perhaps) between your chandelier lines, so that you’ve made a sort of tiered lampshade chandelier, and not a chandelier made up of only driftwood pieces.

Whether for yourself or your own home, or for giving as a gift, or for selling for extra income or even for as a small business, what could you do with pieces of driftwood?

Let’s split the driftwood uses up into 5 sizes
– tiny, small, medium, large and extra large pieces of driftwood – remembering that not all pieces are long and straight, some are bulky or oddly shaped or almost rectangular

List of 75 Driftwood Craft Ideas

(or decor, art, D.I.Y. ideas, or uses for driftwood)

Driftwood Craft Ideas for Tiny Driftwood Pieces
(of about 3cm to 10cm in length)

Driftwood Christmas tree ornaments

4 small pieces of driftwood

4 small pieces of driftwood, of between 10cm and 20cm in length, a nice size for perhaps whittling down and turning into driftwood Christmas tree ornaments

Driftwood curtains – thread many small pieces of driftwood onto a long piece of nylon or other strong thread, and onto many of these threads, to make driftwood curtains.

chess sets


Driftwood kiddies tea sets – stick little pieces together to form the shape of a cup and the shape of a saucer

6. wind chimes
7. mobiles
8. chandeliers
9. wall hangings
10. necklace pendants

driftwood craft idea

driftwood craft idea

11. bracelet charms
12. fridge magnets
13. hair accessories
14. belt buckles

as decoration on top of the soil in your pot plant containers

16. scrapbooking

driftwood mosaic wall art or table surface

18. driftwood wedding guest favors

Driftwood Craft Ideas for Small Driftwood Pieces
(of about 10cm to 30cm in length)

Bird feeders – for hanging from a branch of a tree. Actually build the hanging bird feeder from small pieces of driftwood, or use a single fairly thick piece of driftwood that you’ve made a hole or two in. Add smaller pieces of driftwood to the single thicker piece for the birds to perch on too, or not.


Driftwood clothes to hang on a driftwood hanger – use a strong wood glue to glue pieces of together in the shape of a dress or top, and hang your finished driftwood clothing item on your driftwood hanger – perhaps perfect for display areas in eco-friendly or bohemian style clothing stores.

bird perches in a bird cage

interesting climbing or exploring accessories for spider or small reptile cages

driftwood for climbing for small pets

Driftwood for climbing for small pets – spiders, small reptiles or small mammals may enjoy climbing on or exploring pieces of driftwood in their cages. WARNING – avoid using driftwood pieces that have been disinfected in bleach or chlorine if you’re going to be using the pieces with animals. This driftwood photo shows ten pieces of driftwood of between 30 and 45cm in length each. The two rulers in the photo are 30cm and 60cm long. Driftwood for Sale

pictures (stick the pieces onto a background surface)

Tell a story – make a book – perhaps with a nice front and back cover made from driftwood – and using tiny, fairly flat pieces of on your cardboard or other strong material pages, illustrate your story (make little characters or pictures with the small pieces of driftwood) – either mixed in with the words, or alongside each page of words – or use photos of driftwood instead of actual pieces of driftwood

treating driftwood with furniture oil

Treating driftwood with furniture oil – a lovely driftwood votive candle holder

26. cutlery handles
27. wire and driftwood creatures
28. in miniature gardens
29. votive candle holders
30. incense stick holders
31. doorstops (slice one edge a bit, at an angle)
32. toy boats
33. driftwood pens and pencils

air plant holders (make a hole in a piece of driftwood into which you can insert the bottom of an air plant)

driftwood bud vase (you need a chunky piece with a flat bottom (or make a flat bottom) with a hole that a glass bud vase can stand in)

photo holders (fix wire onto the top flat end of a roughly rectangular piece of driftwood, with the wire bent into two at the top for pinching the bottom of a photo to hold it in place)

driftwood and sea glass mobile

driftwood and sea glass garden mobile

Driftwood Decor Ideas for Medium Driftwood Pieces
(of about 30cm to 60cm in length)

Driftwood floral arrangments – add pieces of driftwood to your floral arrangements – wrap vines or long thin leaves around part of the driftwood pieces – get creative; go wild

Driftwood wedding table centrepieces – use the cracks of a driftwood piece to insert vines, succulents and flowers that don’t die quickly without water, or air plants, or make holes in the driftwood so that you can insert mini vases for adding flowers to, to make your driftwood wedding table centrepieces. Or make permanent driftwood wedding table centrepieces by adding potting soil into the holes you’ve made, and by planting small flowering plants or plants that have colourful leaves.

39. Driftwood fairy doors

small driftwood Christmas tree against cardboard background

small driftwood Christmas tree against cardboard background – How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

driftwood Christmas trees – drill a hole through the centre of a long fairly thin pieces of driftwood to make Christmas tree branches and thread them onto nylon – for a hanging Christmas tree – or thread them onto an iron rod or onto another long thin piece of driftwood)

Life size driftwood people – make them sitting down (perhaps on a driftwood chair) or standing up – and maybe wearing your driftwood clothes.

Driftwood coat hangers (or clothing hangers) – not the flat types of coat hangers where you put hooks into the piece of driftwood and hang it on the wall, but where you cut the ends of a driftwood piece off, nice and neatly (or you could leave the ends natural if the entire length of the piece of driftwood is perfect for use as a coat hanger), and you insert a large wire hook that will fit over most clothing rails.

Driftwood beach bags or handbags – attach pieces of driftwood to a material bag, with the pieces laid out directly next to each other – or, if you prefer, with some of the material that the bag is made from showing between each piece of driftwood.

Driftwood boxes – from tiny to large – tidy up by putting your bits and bobs into an attractive driftwood box, lidded (a driftwood lid, of course) or not

interesting shapes of driftwood – you’re going to have so much fun working with driftwood and coming up with even more driftwood craft ideas!

interesting shapes of driftwood – you’re going to have so much fun working with driftwood and coming up with even more driftwood craft ideas!

45. Driftwood picnic baskets

Driftwood bathroom medicine cabinet doors – combine or glue small pieces of driftwood so that you get a rectangle (or small “mat”) and then make another of the same size, for the doors of your bathroom medicine cabinet.

47. picture frames

48. lamp shades

49. garden ornaments

house numbers (put on your house wall or garden wall or on your gate or driveway gate)

51. pot stands

52. garden signs

53. desk or mantelpiece ornament
54. driftwood clocks

55. Front door mats or bathroom mats

natural landscape on tiny area of driftwood

Natural landscape on tiny area of driftwood.

natural driftwood landscapes (some flatter pieces of driftwood appear to have a natural lansdscape scene, upon closer inspection – cut a rectangle or square with that scene in the middle, and frame that natural art)

Driftwood D.I.Y. Ideas for Large Driftwood Pieces
(of about 60cm to 120cm in length)

Driftwood kiddies fishing rods or handles for kiddies rock pool fishing nets.

58. table legs
59. bar stool legs
60. lamp stands

driftwood lamp shade

driftwood lamp shade

a display for plants (cut into the driftwood and place small pot plant containers into the holes)

62. garden stepping “stones”

coat hanger (put hooks into a flat piece of driftwood and nail the piece to the wall, or hang it on the wall)

display jewelery on it – at home for yourself, or at a market you’re selling at

Driftwood Ideas for Home and Garden with Extra Large Driftwood Pieces
(of about 120cm to 200cm in length)

65. tables
66. stools
67. chairs

large driftwood garden animals (carve the shape, or create the shape with pieces entwined)

coasters (slice thicker pieces of fairly straight driftwood into thin disks that can be used as coasters)

70. garden bed edging
71. garden bench
72. bird bath stand
73. stand for a garden bird feeder
74. post box stand
75. driftwood shelves

Hopefully this list of driftwood craft ideas tells you that there are very many driftwood uses – and these ideas may spark your imagination, helping you think of other driftwood craft ideas or driftwood decor ideas. Don’t think too much, though – get started making something with driftwood!

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