20cm to 30cm Driftwood Pieces for Sale

Photos of 20cm to 30cm Driftwood Pieces for Sale. We use a 30cm ruler in the photos to help you realise the length of the individual driftwood pieces. For close up views please note that the cm of the ruler is in the front (the side of the ruler closest to the bottom of the photo) and that inches show on the top side of the ruler.

EXAMPLES ONLY. THESE DRIFTWOOD PIECES ARE ALREADY SOLD. See our current driftwood lots for sale.

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There are 10 driftwood pieces for sale per lot, and 2 photos are displayed for each lot.

14062014 003 20to30cm driftwood for crafts

Lot number: 14062014 003 20to30cm – price: R100

14062014 004 20to30cm driftwood for sale in South Africa

Lot number: 14062014 004 20to30cm – price R100