10 More Driftwood Craft Ideas

We already have a list of 75 driftwood craft ideas, but here are 10 more driftwood craft ideas!

Driftwood Back Scratcher
Smooth over a piece of driftwood that has an interesting scritchy part on one end of it.

driftwood perfect for turning into back scratchers

driftwood perfect for turning into back scratchers – or using them as back scratchers just “as is” – the four pieces pictured here are roughly 45 to 60cm in length each

Driftwood Dog Kennels
Bash some long and fairly thin, but strong pieces together, and make a driftwood dog kennel. Line the insides with hessian (burlap) or canvas or other material, then something soft, then another layer of hessian, canvas or material.

Driftwood Soap Holder
Make an indentation is a nice little rectangular piece of driftwood, to rest your bathroom soap in.

Painted Driftwood Pieces
Use mostly fairly long and thin pieces, and paint them entirely, or in strips and patterns leaving some natural wood showing through. Pop them into a large vase in your lounge, or hang them from the ceiling or in the window. Use pastel colours and match them to a little girl’s room pillow cases, duvet or other little girl’s room decor colours.

Cotton Wrapped Driftwood Pieces
Much the same as painted driftwood pieces, except that various colours of embroidery cotton are used instead, or thins strips of scrap material.

Driftwood Dreamcatchers
Drill holes in small driftwood pieces and thread them onto wire. Bend some of the pieces of wire to form circles, and keep others straight to go across the circles. Make medium to large dreamcatchers. Perhaps hang some pieces beneath the dreamcatcher, or some sea glass, or both. See no.4 and 5 for ideas for decorating the pieces you hang from the dreamcatcher. The pieces on the actual dreamcatcher can also be decorated in the same way.

driftwood heads for toy animals

driftwood heads for toy animals – these sort of driftwood shapes may be perfect for making the head of a small wire animal threaded with driftwood pieces – some of these sort of pieces may not even need any woodwork done to them to shape them – they already look like the heads of some animals or creatures – I see an oversized chameleon or gecko head, a camel head, a fish head and a snake head

Driftwood Pull-Along Toys
Thread small pieces onto a wire shape – perhaps in the shape of a small animal, and fix it onto another piece of driftwood – perhaps a driftwood plank, add wheels and a string or rope, and you have some pull-along toys.

Driftwood Greeting Cards
You’d need quite a big piece that you can slice a nice flat rectangle from (or make miniature greeting cards) and you can decorate your greeting card (only one “page”) or write or paint on it – even burn a message or picture onto it with a wood burning tool. You could have two “pages” for your greeting cards too, by drilling holes near one edge, all the way down, on both “pages” and then thread some string through the holes.

Driftwood Room Dividers
Makes holes in some nice fairly large pieces, lay them horizontally across the carpet or floor, and insert thin and fairly straight driftwood pieces into the holes to form a “fence” – you could have the holes or “fence poles” as close together or as far as apart as you like.

Driftwood Place mats
Lay similar length and fairly thin pieces next to each other and secure the ends to each other with string or sisal or other thread, along both ends of the place mat. If there is a slight space between each piece, you may be able to roll the place mats up when not in use – or could even wrap your place mat around a vase of flowers or a candlestick holder.

If we come up with some more driftwood craft ideas, we’ll do another post for them. We thought we might not think of more driftwood craft ideas after our list of 75 driftwood craft ideas, but we did (the 10 ideas above), so, you never know, we may think of more!

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